2017年01月15-20日(日-金) exhibition next innovator

1/15 (sun) 19:00-22:00 2000yen(inc 1drink+CDR)
bricolage: AGI Yuzuru

1/16-19 (mon-thu) 19:00-23:00 500yen(inc 1drink)
exhibition [ best album 2016 ]

1/20 (fri) 19:00-22:00 2000yen(inc 1drink)
TALK SESSION: AGI Yuzuru × Seiho

AGI Yuzuru ( 阿木 譲 )
評論家 / 編集者 / プロデューサー
2013年12月24日にはデザイナー / アーチストの秋山伸氏と共にアートジン[ 0G – zero g]を発刊。
2014年1月24日に東京現代美術館 contentで開催されたFRUEに出演。
2014年4月19日に六本木Super Deluxeで「0g night “DO BLOOM IN THE SILENCE”」を開催。
そして0g nightの最新エキシビション&ライブ&トークとして8月2日から9月6日の間、六本木のhiromiyoshii にて[con/cretism]を開催し、その場で[0g_02.5 “CON/cretism]を発表。
9/6に開催された[ con/cretism ]のクロージングイベントでは椹木野衣氏(美術評論家/多摩美術大学教授)と共に「 批評家の死 / ロックの死 」というテーマで対談。
そして2014年12月に新たなブログ[ 0g zero-gauge ]を公開する。
2015年にはアートジン[ 0G – zero g]とブログ[ 0g zero-gauge ]の2つを同時展開させる。
そして2015年4月には氏による新たな場 【 environment 0g [zero-gauge] / エンヴァイロメント ゼロジー [ ゼロゲージ ] 】がオープンし、アーカイブや、よりアートへ接近した動きを見せる。
2015年7月には2010年から2015年を総括するブリコラージュ、展示イベント” repetition ”を開催。
2016年は秋山伸氏との新たなるプロジェクトを始動させ、12月22日にNADiff a/p/a/r/tで開催された氏のトークイベント「非再現、剽窃、イメージ/物質──音楽とデザイン」にゲスト出演。限定発売された0g号外、当年のブリコラージュを再構築した0g_edition: 001 ” AGI Yuzuru: Bricolage Archive_1 が即完売し、多くの反響を呼ぶ。


It repeats here.
“You are 51% female, 49% male and you are too attractive to me”
And I looked away with some gibberish coming out from my mouth.

“Just look at me, touch me more. But I won’t give it you. Because it’s mine”
I hid the moon secretly in my pocket.
A devil with a plastic horn is staring at me.

“If you say so”
That’s’ what they said and the two ladies in white robe put me on an electric chair.
“Actually, hold on for a second. Let me stay here for another 5 years.”
I runaway from a large white treatment room with tears
A young man passed by in front of the door, he must’ve been me.

The clue that I finally caught was already changing in my hand.
More simple and plain.
Turning something simple, almost shabby and miserable.
It makes me dizzy just to imagine myself drunk in mood and sweet sentiment, and boredom is the only merit.
Leave it here? Or take it with you? The video froze again, something is wrong with my wi-fi lately.

The sounds Seiho draws from ring familiar, but the Osaka artist blends them into new sonic shapes all his own. He connects jittery r ‘n’ b to traditional Japanese instrumentation, or fuses intricate jazz patterns with life-affirming rave. The end result is a colorful style all his own. He brings disparate genres from around the globe together to form his own sonic interzone.

He’s merged seemingly disjointed worlds together since the start. Seiho started making music on his cell phone as a kid, but soon dove into jazz as a high schooler by playing the trumpet. As he grew as an artist, Seiho started bridging his musical interests together, leading to his debut album Mercury, a spacey affair finding Albert-Ayers-ish jazz patterns and psychedelic beats intertwined. True to his nature, Seiho didn’t stop there. The young producer veered into more hyperactive territory, pitching vocals and using space for maximum effect. The end result was his second album Abstraktsex, a whirlwind collection of future-thinking sounds. And while doing all this, he’s also spent time on the more pop-oriented project Sugar’s Campaign with longtime friend and fellow producer Avec Avec.

Seiho’s frantic approach to creating music has earned him plenty of attention. He’s played some of Japan’s biggest venues and festivals, including the celebrated Fuji Rock Festival, and also had shows across the United States and Europe. Yet despite a rising profile, Seiho has stayed as restless as ever, exploring new sounds and ways to incorporate them into his music. He’s always chasing down a new idea, to create something uniquely Seiho.

Patrick St. Michel